The Federation of municipalities of the Three Provinces amended by prefectoral decree from the 9 December 2011 the authority to "Promotion of tourist heritage " , which was included in the statutes of the community since December 26, 2000 , creating the Inter-communal Tourist Office of the Three provinces .

 It opened its doors on August 7, 2012 .


The inter-communal Tourist Office of the Three Provinces is assigned to lead several missions :

-   Reception and information,

-   Tourist promotion of the territory,

-   Marketing of tourism products,

-   Coordination of interventions of the various local partners in tourism development ,

-   Participation in the development and implementation of local tourism policy.



The Tourist Office offers self -service varied information, and we'd be happy to hear any suggestions you may have and help you organizing your travel.



 The Tourist Office, ranking approach in category III, belongs to the French Tourist Office Network and is fully committed to :


-   Provide an easily accessible reception and information area ;

-   Offer you a seat ;

-   Offer help with your holiday planning ;

-   Give you free information on local tourism ;

-   Display and distribute details of opening hours (in at least one foreign language) ;

-   To be open at least 120 days per year, saturday and sunday included, during the tourist season ;

-   Answer your letters throughout the year ;

-   Ensure that there is someone in reception who has a working knowledge of at least one foreign language) ;

-   Ensure the supply of tourist maps, plans and tourist guides in the leaflet racks ;

-   Give you access to a bilingual internet site ;

-   Provide tourist information translated into at least one foreign language of the following :

          -   Graded tourist accomodation, including the name of the establishment, the adress, e-mail, website, telephone, level

              of classification.

          -   Monuments and cultural historic sites, including tariffs, opening hours, website and telephone.

          -   Events and presentation.

          -   Emergency numbers.

 -   Annual updating of tourist information ;

-   Displaying emergency numbers outside the Office ;

-   Dealing with your requests and evaluating your satisfaction ;

-   Provide a travel advisor ;

-   Guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information on offer about local tourism ;

-   Ensure that information on local tourist businesses is updated and correct.

Tourism & Handicap

With a view to offer fair access to everyone, the Tourist Office is conduting actions to improve catering to the needs of disabled persons.